Hi and Welcome

My name is Len, short for Lennox and aka “dailydose10”. When I started this blog, my intention was to share snippets about me and my photography going through the posts in this blog.

That was over a year ago and things have moved on a bit.

Here are a few things you will have learnt about me.

I am a Christian, married with Children. and live in a place called Thornton Heath in England.

I have always enjoyed taking pictures. Now it’s a passion with a yearning to improve my skills.

Whilst browsing the net for photography ideas I came across the 365 Project. The project aims to collect photos documenting 1 year of your life.

This idea was the inspiration for my Daily Dose Photo Blog, where I posted one photograph for each day over the first year.

At first I had my doubts on being able to achieve this, but was up for the challenge. As time has gone my confidence has grown, spurred on by the

  • Love of photography
  • Desire to improve the quality of my work
  • Encouragement of family, friends and other photographers

I love getting feedback,  treasure the advice, comments and votes I get.

So please bookmark or subscribe to this blog and visit as often as you can.

Join me on this joyous journey of learning and discovery.

Finally for those too shy to ask, many of my images can be purchased via Redbubble. Just click here


14 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi, I found your site through dPs weekly photo challenge.
    I, too, am following a similar path to yours. I am in the planning stages at the moment, searching, collating, plumbing the depths for knowledge, inspiration and such.
    I am really impressed with what you have done here.
    I am very impressed with your photos, your presentation, captioning of them and such.
    Regards Stuart.

    • Thanks for your comment Stuart and I am glad you are enjoying my work.
      As you can tell I am learning as I go along. This is my preference and one that might work for you.

  2. Hi,

    I came across your blog in a search for a specific photo. I want a photo of Michael defeating Satan. You have the one I want. I would like to use it for my blog. I read your profile, so I’m not sure you would be interested as I am quite outspoken with mine, but I thought I’d ask anyhow. Let me know how you feel about it? I will of course give you credit and a link to your blog.


    • It”s OK AML
      I don’t really have a problem with people being outspoken. Everyone should be able to express themselves (within reason).
      You will know that I am a Christian and so ask that you respect this in your post. What I mean by this is you can disagree with my beliefs, but please don’t insult my faith.
      Thanks for asking

  3. Hi!

    I watch your photos regularly. I received the Versatile Blogger Award recently and I must nominate some of my favorite blogs. I’m passing it on to you!


  4. Hi!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and taking time to leave a comment, appreciated :-).
    Well done with posting daily, I did that for while too, sadly not anymore. Journeys are about learning and growing, and documenting the journey allows us all to learn from one another, the more the merrier 🙂

    • Nice to hear from you 4otomomo.
      I successfully finished my 365 project on 24th September 2011 and am now less rigid about posting each day. The thing is, I like the journey so much I don’t want to stop. AND the company is good 🙂

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