Rocking the Shot

Rocking the Shot

This is one of 90 images I took of the impressive Marina.

She  stayed in the same spot and gave me a different pose and expression each time. All within 20 minutes and she rocked every shot.

Taken with my 50 lens on a D800, using strobe light bouncing from an umbrella.

Add to that a little cropping and retouching.

Personal Projects

Plaza De Espana - Upper Level

Plaza De Espana, Seville, Spain.

So I have been scratching my head recently trying to think of personal projects to undertake this year.

I have a big list in my head but for now here are a few

  1. Develop my Facebook page and website – I would love for you to follow my FB page
  2. Develop my retouching skills – The idea of hours in front a PC screen retouching does not appeal to me.
  3. DIY projects – This is going to be fun but first a financial warning. When I look at many of the homemade gadgets people have put together I notice that there isn’t really a financial saving on many of them. Still, I get to do something with all the cardboard packaging we get 🙂
  4. Obviously I’ll be looking to test out my contraptions so if you live in the Croydon (England) area and are willing to volunteer as a model, send me a message.

It’s all part of the journey.

Cropped In

Cropped In

Model: Alexandra

This is a close crop of a shot I took in March last year. I used my then new Nikon D800 with a 50mm f1.4 prime lens

A consequence of the amount of cropping is that I ended up getting rid of most of the megapixels this camera is known for

I am going to get a longer lens (85mm or 105mm) at some point, but not just yet.

Fear Kills Dreams

Fear Kills Dreams

I rediscovered inspirational speaker Les Brown and this is a quote from one of his talks. “Fear kills dreams”.

Don’t let blind fear stop you from doing what you have called to do.

The image above is actually a bench. At first sight it might not look particularly attractive but many people in need of a rest have been glad that it’s there.

Mirror, Mirror

Mirror Mirror

My posts on this blog are pretty random and I am not going to change that deliberately. It is all part of my journey of learning, practise, experimentation and development.

At the moment I am loving the vintage look at the moment.

I no longer post daily and have thought the title of this blog might no longer be appropriate. However look many photographers image making is always on my mind and I work on my photography everyday.

So the title stays.

I have so many images to share with you. This one was taken in September on a film set with actress Natalie as we waited to shoot her scenes .

Antique Look

Antique Look

The image was taken back in August in the picturesque Hampstead Heath with model Gladys.

It feels like November weather in London is about to put on its winter coat.

It’s going to be really tempting to stay inside keep warm and long for summer.



The outward expression of what has already taken place on the inside.

Deer Portrait

Deer Portrait

Yesterday morning was a grey cold and wet one in Richmond Park, London England.

Thankfully I got some nice images of the deer that inhabit the park.

A Stroll

Evening Stroll

An early evening stroll in Seville Spain back in August.


Celebrate Today


Over the last 31 days, I have had the opportunity to photograph some life events in the following order

  • First an expectation Mum and Dad – baby arrived soon after.
  • Second, a wedding and finally
  • A funeral

Yes I found it interesting that the opportunities came in that order, but it also reminded me that we should celebrate life wherever we are.

Can you find something to smile about today? I really hope you can.