Deer Portrait

Deer Portrait

Yesterday morning was a grey cold and wet one in Richmond Park, London England.

Thankfully I got some nice images of the deer that inhabit the park.


A Stroll

Evening Stroll

An early evening stroll in Seville Spain back in August.


Celebrate Today


Over the last 31 days, I have had the opportunity to photograph some life events in the following order

  • First an expectation Mum and Dad – baby arrived soon after.
  • Second, a wedding and finally
  • A funeral

Yes I found it interesting that the opportunities came in that order, but it also reminded me that we should celebrate life wherever we are.

Can you find something to smile about today? I really hope you can.

Body Double

Body Double

I took this shot a few years ago in Covent Garden, London.

Film goers will spot the Jonny Depp lookalike dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean series of movies.

The whole scene appealed to me.

I think he is quite a good alike. Do you agree?

Carry Your Cross

Take up your Cross

Let me introduce you to Alan Saunders, called to preach the good news about Jesus in what for me is a novel and challenging way.

On Saturday a few of us joined Alan on his first day, as he walks from London to Brussels pulling a large cross and carrying a really heavy rucksack.

You can follow him on his journey via his WordPress blog, “Bluemerang Walks

Something to Look At

Noir Framed

Noir Framed

No need for too much description on this shot I think.

There was some lovely light from the sun through the frosted glass doors, it was one of those opportunities not to be missed.

So this silhouette was one of a series images taken on the day using natural light.