Decisions, Decisions


These two ladies look as uncertain as I am at the moment, when it comes to buying a new camera. A bit like choosing a new car.

Making a choice when you’re pretty impartial as to what to go for, is proving a tad difficult.

Yes, it’s going to be a full frame camera. Now what model?

I have stayed away from the Canon versus Nikon for so long, but felt it was going to be something from one of these brands.

After sometime and a bit of reading I thought I had settled on the Nikon D800. It does what I currently shoot and price wise is easier on my pocket.

Then I visited a camera shop to get some hands on experience. The manager  (I think that is what he is) was really helpful. He arranged for me to handle the D800 and the Canon 5dMk3. There is a good case for either of these. He also reminded me about the Sony A99.

All three cameras would address the low light shooting weakness I have but since  I use a Sony A350 most of the time, perhaps I would get up to speed with the A99 quicker than the others.

So now it’s Canon versus Nikon versus Sony. What to do?

I’m still leaning towards the Nikon, but I’m going to have a few conversations with myself before parting with my money.


2 thoughts on “Decisions, Decisions

  1. Lol bro don’t get the 5d mk3 your only paying for the extended video function think about the lens you will have to buy also

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