Waste Disposal

Where there is Man there is waste

What is a good picture? My answer is something that delivers an emotion.

There are lots of good tips on composition and lighting etc.,

All good but if what you’re looking at doesn’t make you feel something, then it’s time to move on.

Another way of looking at it is to think in terms of does the image tell a story. Afterall a good story makes you feel something. It helps if you like the ending 😉

Do you feel anything when you look at this image? Does it conjure up a story in your mind?

If your answer is no, thanks for stopping by and feel free to move on. Otherwise comment, like or just linger awhile.

Have a great day and don’t forget to recycle when you can.


5 thoughts on “Waste Disposal

  1. Every work of art tells a story.I just love when an artists work is left open for people to create their own ; its amazing how the human mind tells different stories about the same work of art.I love the beauty found in rubbish here, the lighting is great and I can’t get over the detail you caught in the waves.

  2. Yeah this definitely speaks to me. Upon first sight I just think a big fat ‘why?’ This isn’t litter strewn about the place – did someone carefully collect these seemingly random items? Did they discard other finds because they ‘didn’t fit’? What does it all mean to this scavenger/treasure hunter? Do those pieces of cracked wood have a magnificent grain?

    I don’t know if you framed it this way on purpose but I see how there’s that empty water in front of the boat, as if it’s barely tethered and it’s ready to sail off. You managed to turn waste and trash into bounty ready to be hauled off home, or to another derelict place where there are more discoveries to be found.

    It makes me think of people who’ve been thrown away, left to rot or forgotten. Of how beautiful they become when you stop and make an effort to look closely. Makes me think of how the used up and the useless are treasures worth searching for in the eyes of God.

    But that’s just me! What did it mean to you?

  3. The framing was very deliberate. I wanted to leave space and give a sense of direction.
    My first thought when I took this picture was ‘wherever man is, there is litter’. However when I looked again, I saw everything in the image could be reused. Unwanted by some, but an opportunity for others.

    • A simple technique wisely used. Thank you for sharing this.

      You’re right, looking closely these do seem really useful – it just takes the wastefullness even further.

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