How I Got To Go To The Races

How I got to go to the Races

A little while ago a friend from Baron Motorsports contacted me about an opportunity to attend a weekend of championship races, as a photographer.

The event was the Ginetta GT Supercup and Junior Challenge event at Oulton Park, England.

Some of my images would be used to help promote Baron Motorsports. This is a new charity  that aims to help disabled ex-service men and women through motorsports. – A worthy cause.

All good then? Not quite, you see I wasn’t just getting a free ticket to the event. Instead, the plan was for me to go as a “Media Photographer”. In order to get this level of accreditation, there was a form to fill in AND the organizers had to inspect my existing work.

Well, I passed and was given accreditation for the weekend.

OK it was just for one event, but I have never had this type of recognition before and I can tell you it was a big deal for me.

The event took place over last Saturday and Sunday (yesterday). Other commitments meant I just went to the Sunday races.

This week I plan to share some of the images I took. – I decided to start with a car 🙂

Huge thanks to Steve Gill and Matt Kitson of Baron Motorsports, also their sponsors for the event Ginetta

For more information on Baron Motorsports, check out their website (


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