Taken at a film set that I am helping on at.

This is not a posed shot and I had to be very quick with the shutter button. Well this is my excuse for not getting things right in camera.

Yes the image is blurred, but I’m glad I got the shot. It’s great when a picture tells a story.

It’s probably worth me mentioning that the post title (Frustrations) refer to the emotion of the image, rather than what was actually a happy exercise.


4 thoughts on “Frustrations

    • Thanks for taking the time to comment Imelda.
      Yep, a picture can stir differing emotions. It’s all valid, so feel free to share your interpretation. We can muse together 🙂

      • The first thought was that the guy was clenching his fist in frustration at the girl in front of her. After reading your description, I wonder if the lady was good at following the man’s directions? 🙂

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