What’s Within Your Frame?

What's Within Your Frame?

I took this with my eyes closed, couldn’t see a thing!

Sometime ago I did a short evening course entitled “Learning to See in Photography”. This exercise was one of the highlights and so I offer it to you.

– For reasons that will become obvious, you will need someone with you.

Go to an unfamiliar location, then have your companion blindfold you. Your friend should move you around, so that you don’t know where you are and make sure you don’t hurt yourself.

It might be wise to use the automatic setting on your camera.

Move around and take your pictures. At this point your friend should only warn you if you are in danger of being hurt. No other tips on your surroundings. –

Yes I took some poor shots, but nowhere near the number I thought I would. I was also released from some of my inhibitions.

  • Would I have taken a picture of this person? Maybe.
  • Would I have chosen this perspective? I doubt it.
  • Did it work? I’ll let you judge.

Give it a try, but be careful.

Ceceliafutch has, you can see her results  in her blog post click here


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