23rd September 2011 – Lettting Go

23rd September 2011 - Knike and Fork

Every now and then you hit a significant moment. Well a few of them are coming our way.
Today was our last meal at home before one of eldest daughter goes off to University. Its her first year and tomorrow she will be living on campus (“in halls” is another term I have heard used) for the first year.
After that she’ll probably share a rented house off campus for the remaining period.
It’s a bit sad for us, but the experience will be good for her.

Still learning to let go and watch growth.


One thought on “23rd September 2011 – Lettting Go

  1. great photo – love the perspective, and your thought for the day. as a parent I too struggled with letting go, and letting them grow. But I found the more they grew the more I grew! while my two are no longer at home they continue to inspire me! take care and enjoy!

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