25th August 2011 – Tunnel Vision

25th August 2011 – Tunnel Vision

In a month’s time I will have achieved my target of taking then posting a picture for each day. Of course it is possible that I might miss a day or just decide that 11 months is enough of an achievement.

A boxer is taught to finish their punch past the target. The tracker runner to sprint past the finish line, not on it.

I’m enjoying this too much to stop early and now am spending more time thinking beyond my 365th day of posting.

This image could be seen as reflection of the year so far.

Its beginning not really a concern, but you know there was one. There will be an ending, but it’s not in sight yet. Oh look there are even doorways of distraction.

Thankfully we see an illuminated bollard to keep one on the correct side of the road. And this is just one of several objects in this picture helping the traveller on their journey.


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