3rd August 2011 – We’re Off

3rd August 2011 - Up and Away

And we are off!

It really was a nice flight.

I took this shot as the plane flew over the Alps. Not something I am going to get to do very often.

Carpe Diem.


15 thoughts on “3rd August 2011 – We’re Off

  1. Whoa!
    I’ve flown over the Alps before — but never saw it quite like this.
    Glad you seized the day —
    (Usually my eyes were shut and my knuckles white from gripping the seatrests, holding up the plane)

    • I was dosing off at the time and could easily have missed this chance. In fact, I wondered if there was anything else we might have flown over unnoticed.
      I’m not a fan of flying either. Not quite a white knuckle ride for me, but my wife is with you on your point.
      The good news is she dosen’t mind me having the window seat!

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