24th July 2011 – Party Hard

24th July 2011 - Party Hard

Yesterday I confessed the feeling I had to get better at shooting in low light and that I wasn’t too comfortable about photographing people I don’t know very well.

This image is a compromise on several levels.

Firstly it was taken at the same birthday party I mentioned yesterday. It qualifies for today because I took it at 00:16 (this morning).

Second, the room conditions were a lot darker than this image might lead you to believe. This is because I adjusted the lighting levels using editing software. The compromise was a photo with more grain than I would have liked.

Third and finally, I aimed my camera at the large mirror that positioned behind the DJ’s. Yes, what you are looking at is almost entirely a reflection.

So this is one way of managing my weaknesses, while I learn how to overcome them.



2 thoughts on “24th July 2011 – Party Hard

  1. I would like to give you some pointers, but I don’t know what mode you are shooting in. Av (or A for Aperture priority), Tv (or S for shutter speed priority), P (Program), M (full manual), or Full-Auto. The mode you are shooting in can make a big difference in how much control you have over the image itself. Here, your aperture needed to be at its highest to capture the most light, and your ISO was probably at one of its higher settings (which gave you the unwanted grain). One thing I like to do before bumping up my ISO is to make sure that I try adjusting the White Balance, Aperture, and Shutter Speed first. If you are in a fairly static setting, then lowering your shutter speed can be a good tool used before raising ISO to adjust for the low light. This is one of those times that having a DLSR would give you a little bit more versatility as far as the lens quality. Better lenses such as a 2.8 or a 1.4 will let in more light in a low light situation.

  2. Hi skylarmacrae
    Wow, thank you so much for the time you have taken to produce this guide.
    My camera is normally set on manual. however at evens such as these I will use shutter priority.
    Although I can go to ISO3200 if I want to the level of unwanted grain is far too much for me. In fact I never go past ISO400.
    Dealing with movement in lowlight is where I tend to accept that I have to compromise on quality to avoid possible blurring when the object is not posing for the camera
    You’re right about the glass ( I was using the lens that came with the camera). A better flash (speedlight) rather than the camera’s one, would also have helped.
    This can be an expensive hobby.

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