23rd July 2011 – Happy Birthday

23rd July 2011 - Happy Birthday

We went to a double birthday celebration that lasted to the early hours of the morning. – Hence today’s post is going up a little later than usual.

The father was 60 and his daughter 30, so he is twice her age. Continuing the theme of two, it was really to split the guests by the two age groups.

Two cakes with candles that would be blow out.

Actually there was a third cake, a seriously nice fruit cake.

Trying to take decent pictures of people in low light really is something I have to work on. The same goes for capturing images of people I don’t know well. Not a good combination and something I want to work on.

So this image is a bit of a safe bet. I am also going to use it in a photo challenge and so will ‘kill two birds with one stone 😉


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