27th June 2011 – Not Smooth

27th June 2011 - Not Smooth

One of those frustrating days again. Distracted and with something that turned out to be a complete irrelevance. Then there was a promise made, but not kept. Result, more work for me.

And did anyone say thank you? Nope. How about sorry? Nope

Like this pineapple, I am rough around my edges but the sweetness is still there

I wanted to leave more space for the shadow. it’s just that the colours and the fragrance demanded to take centre stage.


8 thoughts on “27th June 2011 – Not Smooth

    • One vote for Costa Rica, then. I am no expert, so can’t give an opinion one way or the other. I just love the smell and the taste. Nice to hear from you skylarmacrae.

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