29th May 2011 – Looking Into the Distance

29th May 2011 - Looking Into the Distance in a different way

Travelling from A to B. A straight forward phrase?

It implies knowing you are starting from, where you’re going and why.

This blog and my photographic journey fails the A to B test. It’s more a case of the long and winding road.

Yes I know where I am starting from, but I honestly didn’t know how much I get  from it.

Do I know where I am going with my photography? No I don’t, but what I ride!

I had no idea how much fun this was going to be. The things I was going to learn, places I would visit, strangers I would talk to (so friendly, so helpful) and opportunities that were right under my nose.

I do have to be a bit cautious about managing my time. There are other things in life that must be attended to.

Having read other blogs I know there is a reasonable chance that you can identify with these words.

So here I am, not simply looking into the distance. I am looking in a different way.


2 thoughts on “29th May 2011 – Looking Into the Distance

  1. I do agree with these words – photography has a way of capturing our attention and our time, before we know it, we have to stop and take a look at the way forward.

  2. Totally agree with you. It would be rather easy for projects like these, to take over our lives…I forget sometimes, that there is a real world out there – not just my photography bubble. Great post and what a lovely, peaceful photo.

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