22nd January 2011 – Here’s Looking at You

Another unplanned moment on my part. There I was in the park snapping away at birds and the landscape. On my way out I saw these dogs staring through the window of a house that overlooks the park. Oh how I like to reap where I haven’t sown 🙂

I did have to change lens to close the gap between us and was grateful they were interested enough to stay where they were.

The dogs are only part of what makes this picture, but I’ll will leave the rest to your interpretation.

“But when I wasn’t working, I was usually at a window looking down at Earth.” – Sally Ride


2 thoughts on “22nd January 2011 – Here’s Looking at You

  1. It’s scary for me. It looks as if a baby toy in the window and is equal to 2 dogs of this breed. But recorded photographically very good. I can imagine a lot when i look at the photo.

    • Yes this is an uncomfortable combination. I think if the breed of dog was different the image would be more playful.
      I was struck by the way the colur of the main dog almost matched the window frame (white chest) and brick work.

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